I am delighted to be holding a one2one wildlife photography workshop this spring at Pennington Flash Country Park, which is a beautiful country park situated in Leigh Lancashire with an excellent range of wildlife through the year.

Photography Workshop 

Exploring Pennington Flash country park and the hides to capture some beautiful wildlife / nature images. 

I will help with your camera settings and teach you techniques in capturing beautiful wildlife shots to the best of your cameras ability.

Answer your questions and give advice on any topics you are wanting to improve on 

£59 Half day   (9.30am - 1.30pm or 12pm - 4pm )  

£89 Full days  (9.30am - 4pm) 

Lightroom Workshop

up to 2 hour workshop teaching you how to edit your wildlife images, add your unique style and watermark to your shots.

You can bring any images of your own so we can work specifically on your captures and get the exact look you are wanting to achieve.


Equipment Needed

You will require a DSLR with zoom lens or a bridge camera with zoom.

Access to Lightroom software should you wish to learn from my Editing workshop.

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat a friend or family member who are passionate about wildlife / nature photography to my workshop's.


Every full day workshop I book, I will donate £5 to the Pennington Flash Volunteers group, who do an outstanding job in maintaining our wildlife's environment and tidiness of the park.

Terms & Conditions 

Please be aware that each day is unpredictable and certain wildlife may not be present, however I can assure you that you won't leave without any wildlife or nature images on the day as certain hides will always have visitors! 


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